about & contact

About & Contact

I am Osama Zain 28 years old
From Cairo, Egypt.
I can’t say I am designer this thing you should do BUT I’ll try to do my best.
I am Photoshop man, I love to do all things inside it,
Now I am almost done with Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash and all Adobe Creative Suites
and as I think after I done with that I’ll be better as I hope.
Hope that someday I’ll be your designer for any project.

&More is my dream
It represent me & my personality
Means all simple thing in life when they are not enough & still asking for more, at this point &More appears as it’s More simple, More fun, More work, More life & More love.
By the time I’ll try to prove that.
2009 is the start, so let it be

Have Fun.

Contact &More

You can contact &More through two ways (so far & soon it will be more):

&More group on the facebook,      &More blog on wordpress

From the heart, Thanks

I never am the way who I am alone.

So I must say thank you for them & if I forget someone please forgave me:

My Family (father, mother, brothers, sisters, wife & daughters) for supporting me no matter what & for their love,

My Masters Ahmad Sakr (AS INTERACTIVE) which i work there now & Hani Hussein I’ll never get enough from you,

My friends (Mossad Hamad, Mohamad Marsefy, Tamer Haikal, Mohamad Said, Yahiya Abdullah, Ahmad Salem & Mostafa Othman) for be there for me,

Last but not least for those I learned a lot from & still love:

Vodafone Egypt, German Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce in Egypt, National association of Photoshop professional, dot tk, Microsoft, Apple, Google & my passion Adobe.

This will never be enough for you but it is the least I can do, really thanks.


1.     Introduction

&More, &More Design is freelancing agency established in 2008 by Osama Zain, &More main concept is to deliver new creation & designs that can be used on monitors or for printing issue according to client needs.

2.     Copyright

©® &More, &More Design and the logo are registered trademarks of Osama Zain, All right reserved. [&More] and [&More Design], [2008 – 2009]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication or/and printing of this material without express and written permission from &More, &More Design or Osama Zain is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, if only full and clear credit is given to [Osama Zain] and [&More Design] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content & Osama Zain must be informed by e-mail with full clear data of the design will be used & where it will be used & you can contact me by one of the previous ways to get the needed permissions.


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